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Actuarial Capacity Building for Africa

Offers actuarial services in the following domains:

  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Inclusive insurance including microinsurance and mass-insurance, mobile insurance
  • Pensions and employee benefits
  • Social security
  • Supervision and regulations

The firm works with exclusive regional graduates (on free-lance basis depending upon projects and country) and partners with other regional consulting firms or with software firms (Infoel SA, BML Istisharat, Syravie).

Our goal is to transfer our know-how to key staff in the financial services sector in the French and English speaking countries in the region. We like to do more than work remotely delivering reports and studies. In fact we prefer to establish a direct relationship with actuarial, technical, financial staff and others to train them in areas in which the client requests our assistance


Our services ?

  • Set-up of green-field operations (needs analysis and diagnosis, preparation of documents for regulator, recruitment of key people, training, drafting of procedures manual..)
  • Development and review of products including profit testing
  • All tasks related to the Appointed Actuary or actuarial function
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of micro-insurance and mobile-insurance
  • Comprehensive audit and due diligence
  • Actuarial analysis of social security programs; needs analysis and diagnostic of funding and investment policy
  • Assistance during the computerisation of your activities (selection of software, feasibility study, audit, project management, functional analysis, migration of data,...)
  • Assistance for drafting of regulatory framework for insurance industry, pension funds and social security programs
  • Training and coaching of key personnel
  • Researching current developments within the business and financial worlds
  • Customized projects

Our hub is Lomé (Togo) because of its easy connections within Africa (by air or by road) and with Europe.

ACB Consulting , A TRUE PARTNER !


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